Joliot Curie



jeudi 14 janvier 2010

Testimony of a pupil from Joliot Curie :

Before, I didn’t like school. I didn’t want to go to school I was unhappy because I was reluctant to learn my lessons but now, I am beginning to like school and my life at home with my brother and my sister…

Strange to say, I am beginning to be scared about my A-levels.
Since I was four years old, I have been going to school, I’ve been listening in class, I ‘ve had good or bad marks .
First, I had a pupil’s life and then a teenager’s life.
And now I know that I have to get ready for my adult life. That’s why, I am beginning to like school though I am scared about the future

Many people are pessimistic about their future because they must choose a career. What about you ? Are you scared about your future life ? And how can we make this passage from childhood to adulthood more pleasant ?

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